I am about to release an Android game that I've been working on for the past month or two. It's a fairly simple sliding block puzzle called Slide. Creative, I know. In my game you, the omniscient Block Mover, are tasked with moving the block to the end of each level. Watch out though! The floors are slippery, so once you move you won't stop until you hit a wall. It was a fun project to work on!

I initially wrote the game in Java and later ported my code to Android. I had minimal exposure to Java before this and this was my first time working with Android, so making this app was a bit of a learning experience. The Java wasn't particularly difficult--probably the most challenging part was just to get my code running on the Android platform. It required a fairly sizeable rewrite of my pre-existing code and took way longer to do than I had originally expected. Most of the time I spent on the port was just trying to understand the new framework I was working with. Rather than build an Android game engine from the ground up I borrowed a game framework from a book (Mario Zechner's Beginning Android Games) and went from there. This code is used under a creative commons license. I would also like to thank my friend Brandon for making the music track featured in this game as well as offering suggestions for the visual design.

You can find it on the Play Store here. If you have any feedback or ideas for new levels, feel free to let me know!